L, the Illuminator I.

| September 18, 2016


Welcome to an enthralling adventure where that rather questionable barrier between fiction and reality ceases to be a solid wall. Cross the line and join the lead characters as they embark on a bold and entertaining journey through space and time—a time-travel experience which leads us to a better understanding of the multiple levels of our universe. Are you ready to step out of your comfort zone and break the chains of the ancient taboos and dogmas planted in your head? By the end of this story you’ll get to a point where you’re no longer just driftwood on the river of your emotions and thoughts but a conscious, serene observer of the world who is able to find a middle way between sense and sensibility.

This Fantasy Adventure teaches us what the Divine Experiment is all about, how the Planet of Free Will evolves, what role the chosen ones from the Sirians, the Pleiadians, and the Wingmakers have in the process, and how the life of Zoé, the young, mestizo eco enthusiast is affected. By the end of Book I. we also find out who controls our planet and how. Our narrator is none other than the mythological figure: Lucifer, with whom we’re able to follow the events from a higher perspective.


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