The White And Black Book

| September 18, 2016


The White and Black Book is a mysterious book, written specifically just for one reader – you. The book is hidden upon the dusty corner of an old, forgotten library shelf and has been there for many years, waiting to be found by you. Once discovered, the book begins to reveal the hidden story of its secret pages and soon becomes a trusted companion throughout your very own journey. The story of the book and the story of the reader soon merge into one united, intertwined and unfathomable tale.

The book was written and hand bound many years ago, by an unknown monochrome author and was hidden away to be lost in the archives of an undistinguished collection of short stories, diaries, and monologue ramblings. Yet within this invisible archive, The White and Black Book had its very own yearning to be found, somehow finding an energy to be placed back onto a library shelf, ready to be unlocked to the world and travel happily with its beloved reader once more.

The book has no true author, for the writer of the words is irrelevant and forgettable. But it is the love bound within the book, the simplest words, the purest intentions, the unbelievable beliefs, the endless hopes, the inevitable folly that represent the author, in that inescapable desire to be connected, somehow, somewhere, with each of the readers’ adventures.


“Thank you for a beautiful book. It will remain with me for years to come”.

“Honestly, it’s beautiful”.

“I found it endearing almost immediately”.

“I needed these words. Felt they are written for me”.

“Brilliant, clever, captivating and most enjoyable”.

Please note: Due to the nature of the print replica to mimic the book’s true format, The White and Black Book is not available on Kindle E-readers such as Paperwhite and Voyage. It is however available on all Kindle Fire models, iPad, iPhone, Android and PC devices.


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