Katie and the Roller Skates (A Read-With-Me Book)

| September 19, 2016


Enjoy a fun Read-With-Me book with your child today!

Katie is spending the summer with her grandmother, away from her friends, her puppy, and the rest of her family. Will she make new friends, or will she spend the summer being sad because she misses her old friends?

Katie and the Roller Skates is a Read-With-Me story of discovery and fun, as Katie finds that she CAN make new friends and try new experiences.

Your children will enjoy trying to read to you or being read to, plus they will love the fun illustrations in this early reader.

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Interview with the Author:

Q – Why do you enjoy writing children’s books?

A – It’s a mixture of things, actually. I loved reading as a child. I would often spend my weekends either at the local library, or curled up in our lazy-boy chair reading. I knew I wanted to instill that love of reading into my children from as early an age as possible. The first children’s book I wrote was called, Casey’s First Tooth, about my oldest daughter getting her first tooth. The kids still laugh when they read that one!

Q – What do you hope readers will enjoy most about your children’s books?

A – I hope that parents will discover a fun book that their kids will enjoy reading over and over again. Plus, I hope that kids will enjoy trying to read my books, have fun being read to, and love the fun illustrations.

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