Tales of the Valkyries: An anthology of short stories, Viking romance and Viking paranormal romance

| September 20, 2016


Six Viking short stories that transcend time…

Viking Warrior Trouble
In the Viking Warriors series, the Norse gods Odin and Freya send immortal Vikings and Valkyries to protect the contemporary mortal realm from Ragnarök–the final battle and the end of worlds. But an ancient rune stone prophesied Loki the only surviving deity after Ragnarök and the power hungry half-god will risk everything to rule the worlds of both gods and humans.

InViking Warrior Trouble, young warrior Sten is in Montana to buy guns when he runs into some trouble. Loki’s monsters attack him, his car breaks down, and he meets a sexy waitress named Cassie who he has real trouble keeping his handsoff.

To Steal a Viking Bride: A betrothal feast and dark-eyed Gunnar heat up the night for Viking bride Eira. She learns a shocking secret and must decide…will she be the next jarl? Or gamble on a second chance at love?

The Viking’s Immortal PrincessWhen his father vanished, young Varinn heard dark rumors of what had befallen him. Now Varinn is grown to manhood and has vowed to learn the truth. But before he can sail, an odd-eyed fox leads him to a strange hall. Halla has loved Varinn for years, but her people have hidden from his since before time itself. Now he’s right here before her. Will her powerful father drive him away, or can her magic lead them past law and custom and Varinn’s own vows to forge a path to happiness?

The Messenger: Vikings evoke images of strong men who allow nothing to stand in their way. They’re not normally associated with tender feelings. Wildflowers conjure more personal and sentimental images. In BANISHED, a handful of bluebells picked from a meadow by childhood sweethearts becomes a symbol and eventually an acknowledgement of a love long denied. THE MESSENGER is a short story that features Wulfram, son of the hero and heroine of BANISHED. The bluebell will play a role in his life too.

Aegir’s Daughter
: Ulfarr believes only the sea can quench his thirst for adventure–until he meets the mysterious Bára, who heats his blood like no other. After a night of shared passion, Ulfarr resigns himself to reality: he’ll never see his dark-haired Valkyrie again. But when an enemy from his past seeks to destroy him, Ulfarr must turn to Bára for help. Together, they set out on their greatest adventure yet.

To Tame a Viking: Merewyn never expected to fall in love with the Viking warrior who enslaved her. Eirik never thought he’d succumb to the temptation of his beautiful Saxon slave. But as they spent the winter together, neither of them were able to deny the passion that sizzled between them. Though their love was hard won, they found a way to overcome the obstacles of culture, creed, and geography. But not everyone is supportive of their newfound happiness, and a looming threat arises that puts their love at risk. The story of Merewyn and Eirik from Enslaved by the Viking continues as they face the inevitable consequences of their happily ever after.


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