Crossfit Era. Your Transformation: The Way from Beginner to Complete Athlete. Change Your Life.

| September 20, 2016


This book is written for those who are not afraid of challenges and who are not afraid of being at their full potential. If you don’t find yourself amongst such people and have no intention to in the near future, then you should perhaps close the book and go back to your world. If you have to change something, then you have to be ready to put in the effort. The change would not implement itself without having somebody efforts behind it.

The goal here is to come up with the greatest book ever written about Crossfit which helps you simply transform your mind and body.

By changing ourselves and becoming a better person we change the world around us. Some money received from book sale will be contributed to promoting healthy lifestyle. I encourage all people who are non-indifferent to respond to a global project and charity. Buying this book you donate money and receive a range of benefits and advantages. With common efforts we can achieve great results. You can leave your contact information by clicking a link below and filling out a form or stay unknown.

I dedicate this book to my father (G.R.S) who instilled in me a love for sports since I was a child.


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