Without A Hitch Box Series

| September 21, 2016


romantic love story

For the first time all together in one easy format.

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Imagine yourself thinking that you will have to give into the parental pressure of getting married, and then stumbling into your one true love. Without a Hitch features two characters destined to be together despite all of the odds working against them.

Faced with an unstable pregnancy, doubts about their fast moving relationship, a dying parent, and a crazy ex-lover, this box set leaves the reader with questions of doubt and loyalty that comes with most relationships. Readers will want the couple in Without a Hitch to defy everything that keeps them apart because they will want to believe that love can be as spontaneous as Kari and John’s.

Can we believe John when he says that he is not betrothed to another woman? Can we be sure that he can love another man’s child? Can Kari love a man after losing her husband months before? If you are looking for a love at first sight story, buy this box set to find the answers to the questions that may or may not drive these lovers apart.

Now you can enjoy the first three books in the popular clean novel Series:




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