Beyond the Void Darkly

| September 22, 2016


Can a man and woman separated by a century and a half be destined for each other?

In a love story that spans from 2031 to 1883, a man wrestles with questions of faith, love, and destiny.

Matthew Walton is a man on a mission. As a pharmaceutical scientist working on a top-secret time travel project, his one goal in life is to find a cure for his mother’s cancer. But when he sees a beautiful young woman in 19th century Kansas, the daughter of a doctor who may have stumbled across the cure, Matthew becomes enraptured and begins to wonder if there is such a thing as love at first sight.

But she can’t see him, hear him, or feel him. To her, he is a ghost.

As he gets to know her from reading her faded old diary and repeated trips through time, Matthew’s desire to make contact with Elizabeth grows in urgency, because he has seen her die.

And only he can save her.

Weaving in issues of philosophy, heartbreak and loss, Christian faith, and ultimately hope, Beyond the Void Darkly will remain with you long after you have finished the story. It will make you believe in love again.

Beyond the Void Darkly is a Christian Time Travel Love Story / Romance. 69,000 words.


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