Vegan Tapas: 150 quick and delicious snacks and bites for sharing

| September 26, 2016


Now you can enjoy tasty vegan cuisine with your friends and family. Features recipes perfect for tapas, meze, buffets, picnics or for simply enjoying in front of the TV. All are simple to prepare and made using accessible, everyday ingredients, making them suitable for all levels of experience.

Vegans and vegetarians will love the variety offered by Vegan Tapas. Yet this easy to use book is also useful for anyone who has to cater for a vegan or vegetarian. It can be tricky knowing what to cook for a vegan or vegetarian when you are not used to cooking this way. Vegan Tapas has the answer.

There is something for everyone and you will not be stuck for ideas.

The chapters:

DIPS – includes Sweet Chilli Sauce, Minty Cream Dip

TOPPINGS – includes Mushroom Pâté, Roasted Tomatoes and Olives

VEGETABLES – includes Eggplant Bites, Stuffed Jalapeños, Marinated Capsicum Strips

‘CHEESE’ and TOFU – includes Classic Tortilla, Parmesan-Style Wafers, Devilled Tofu

GRAINS, PULSES and NUTS – includes Rice Cubes, Spiced Chickpeas, Herby Nuts

POTATOES – includes Baby Hasselbacks, Mediterranean Potato Shells, Potatoes in Garlic Sauce

BREAD, POLENTA and FRITTERS – includes Bruschetta, Polenta Fingers, Artichoke Fritters

PASTRIES and BISCUITS – includes Tomato and Mustard Quiches, Spring Rolls, Tofu and Cranberry Puffs

DESSERTS – includes Speedy Banoffee Pies, Spicy Cookies with Orange Cream, Shortbread

Whether you are sharing with one other or a crowd, you are sure to find something to please.


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