Jasper’s Sleepyhead Adventures – A Jasper The Dinosaur Book

| June 15, 2013


Jasper's Sleepyhead Adventures - A Jasper The Dinosaur Book

Jaspers Sleepyhead Adventures – A Jasper The Dinosaur Book” is a children’s story book about a fun loving adventurous little dinosaur named Jasper and the exciting experiences he ends up dreaming about after getting to bed after a long day playing with his toys.

In his dreams Jasper encounters pirates and pirate adventures and exploring an island.
Follow Jasper with this story about a dinosaur complete with a great lesson too.
Except from the book:

Mom tucked Jasper in.

“Trevor said something today, and I got mad,” Jasper said.

“Did Trevor say he was sorry?”


“Well, I know you and Trevor will work things out.
Take your time.”

Jasper closed his eyes.

A raft bounced up and down on the clear blue water.

Where am I? Jasper wiped his forehead.

He gulped some water from his green Dine-O-Myte bottle.
Red and blue birds flapped overhead. Jasper waved to them,
but didn’t understand when they squawked at him.

As with the best children’s books, Jasper’s dream ends with a great lesson about forgiveness and understanding.

– 28 beautiful illustrations detailing Jasper’s dinosaur adventures.

– A good story about a dinosaur to help engage any child and sustain interest.
A book about dinosaurs for children – You and your child will enjoy reading this children’s dinosaur adventure tale over and over.

– For children aged 3-6.

If you are looking for a childrens story that you and your child will both enjoy then get “Jasper’s Sleepyhead Adventures- A Jasper The Dinosaur Book“. Pick up your copy of this children’s book today!


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