Dead And Proud of It

| October 10, 2016


Sinfully wicked, the nameless Fang that roams the night has finally been caught by a S.W.A.T team. After absconding with a school bus full of twenty-eight schoolchildren, he went missing. It took them hours to find him after the abductions took place in the rural mountain ridges of Pennsylvania, and by the time they subdued him there were only four children left alive.

A roller-coaster ride of mind reeling ages of horror and bloodshed, venture forth with a creature teetering on the brink of madness, on his neverending quest to find a vampire named Horace. He acquires his partner through horrible means, forcing her along as a servant of sorts, her thoughts of how things should go generally falling to the wayside as he instead rushes ahead mindlessly, fangs bared.

When there is no room left in Hell for the dead, look to this vampire… he’ll find a place to keep them until he’s hungry!


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