Children’s Book, Teeny Weenie Chili Beanie, Book One

| June 15, 2013


Children's Book, Teeny Weenie Chili Beanie, Book One

Book 1 in the Chili Beanie Series.

Teeny Weenie Chili Beanie is a fun character who likes to roll everywhere, because it’s so much faster than using his feet. He rolls out of sight and the kids look everywhere for him, until they finally find him playing his guitar and singing. The boys and girls join in until it gets late and everyone has to go home and leave poor Chili Beanie all alone. Will he be okay? Will he wait for the kids to come back? Where is Chili Beanie off to now?

Beautifully illustrated with fun Rhymes.
Great for ages 1-8
But fun for the whole family.

Explore the fun world of Chili Beanie and his friends.


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