The Other Wizard Of Oz

| September 28, 2016


The Wizard of Oz is back!

After the Nome King’s defeat, the Land of Oz is once again at peace, thriving under the leadership of their beloved Queen and King, Dorothy and Jasper. All is well. At least until the dreams begin.

Dreams about the Wizard.

Dreams that soon turn into a nightmare.

Emerald City is attacked by strange forces and Dorothy’s daughter is kidnapped. The Wizard of Oz has returned with a vengeance!

Dorothy and Jasper escape to the farthest reaches of Oz in search of their daughter, fighting their way through monsters, pirates, and mechanical men. With the Tin Man, the Lion, and the Scarecrow, locked away in prison, Dorothy and Jasper are on their own. Rumors of another Wizard in these outer lands may be the key to their salvation, but what is his terrible secret and why is he hiding?

Who is this OTHER Wizard of Oz?

The FINAL BOOK in the Shadow of Oz series!


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