Lost Coast Rocket

| September 28, 2016


Plausible Science Fiction, Adventure, Mystery, Love, Danger…

This story has it all!

Rockets are in Ken’s DNA. At an early age, he develops a friendship with Akira, a boy who shares his passion for astronautics. While both are child prodigies, Akira does well in private school but Ken rebels against structured education. The unlikely duo draws together a small group of rocketeers, meeting in the shop behind Ken’s house.

A tragic event at eight years of age haunts Ken through his growing-up years and shapes his destiny. As fate would have it, the girl at the center of the traumatic experience joins Ken’s rocket club, unaware of their shared history. Will Ken tell Dawn that he is the boy she seeks?

As the group reaches their teen years, their rocket designs start pushing legal boundaries, culminating in an event that puts them in the crosshairs of an FBI investigator. To protect his friends and seek refuge from his past, Ken devises an escape plan that confounds the authorities and the world.

??? Lost Coast Rocket is Book 1 in the Mare Tranquillitatis Series

The adventures continue in Hatching the Phoenix Egg and underlying mysteries are resolved.

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