Coconut Chronicles: Ransom: A Cozy Mystery Adventure (An Almost Tropical Mystery Book 2)

| September 29, 2016


A clean, fun, cozy mystery set in the Virgin Islands

Sam and Walter are at it again in this clean, fun, very tropical mystery in the Caribbean. This is a stand-alone story in the Almost Tropical Mystery series.

Sam is branching out as a writer. He’s finally got a gig with a travel magazine – and it means going to the Caribbean. Of course, Walter is coming as the unofficial photographer – and owner of a brand new, DSLR. It just wouldn’t be right for Sam to send the magazine pictures from his phone.

What could be better than a nice, relaxing, working vacation to the Caribbean? They’ll never know. This adventure is immediately interrupted with strange, threatening phone calls, a break-in, a possible kidnapping and dodging bullets while running for their lives.

And all over a couple of strange coconuts that happen to be in someone’s luggage. Before they’ve had their fill, Sam and Walter will be delivering these coconuts – or else! A coconut ransom? Can it get any weirder than this?

If you like Mango Bob, Lawrence Block, Mike Faricy, or mysteries set in Florida, Key West, the Caribbean, the Virgin Islands, or other tropical locales, or just cozy mysteries in general, then you’ll probably enjoy the entire Coconut Chronicles series and other stories by Cam Larson.


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