How I Moved to Thailand, Retired Early, Found Love, Built a Mansion, and Live Like a King on a Dime

| September 30, 2016


A note from the author: I’m an ordinary guy who had a hard time finding love…until I visited Thailand. There, I was able to easily meet and marry a beautiful, delightful, and peaceful young woman.

It’s so cheap to live here, I was able to retire 10 years early and still live like a rich person, dining at the finest restaurants, hiring limos, having a maid, staying in the executive suites of hotels…

Real estate is so inexpensive here, I was able to build an elegant mansion the likes of which I could? ?never have afforded in America.

I totally transformed my life, and? went from being alone and miserable to having a wife straight out of my dreams, great friends, a lazy dog, and a 3 year old niece who often pops by to play with me. This is my story. I tell it-? not to brag- but to give you an example of what you can do in your own life.

You don’t have to move to Thailand to find love here. In the sequel? to this book, FIND THE LOVE OF YOUR LIFE IN THAILAND, I share? comments and stories from 50 guys who have sought love in Thailand and have, for the most part, found it.

Then, they and I share our personal and very detailed advice for how? you can find the love of your own life in Thailand. Plenty of guys want to find love in Thailand- and most fail. Find out what mistakes they make and how to avoid them. Learn from us and let us guide you to success.


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