How Donald Trump Will Make America Great Again

| October 2, 2016


In this book we decided to share with you 30 well-known expressions and statements, that Donald Trump has made during his presidential campaign and years ago by highlighting the absurdity in his words.

In order words, this book is dedicated to all of you, who can appreciate humour about a sensitive topic.

Besides, it is a fact, that Donald Trump has a personality, that is certainly extreme, despotic, and highly combustible, therefore, particularly rare for a presidential candidate in any democratic country.

Luckily, many unique strategies have been discussed, as well as, many necessary questions have been asked about Donald Trump during this campaign season.

However, the fundamental question, that we have in our minds, stays the same, ‘If Donald Trump becomes a president of the United States, will he Make America Great Again?’ And most importantly, ‘if it is up to him, how he will accomplish that?’

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