Author interview with Patrick Borosky of ‘Rev: Rise of Jormungand’


The Gifted, a race given birth by the flames of war are currently oppressed and isolated by their own government. The Gifted are no longer willing to stay under their thumbs and the government’s neglect have given birth to an organization known as Jormungand. The group has only one desire – to destroy the old world and make a new one solely for the gifted. Follow Skyla Levitz, a young gifted, who fights to protect those that she loves and protect her ideals that she refuses to give up.

Today I’ve joined by Patrick Borosky, author of Rev: Rise of Jormungand. Patrick thank you very much for setting aside a little bit of time to talk to me today about your first foray into publishing, I appreciate your generosity. What inspired you to write this book?
Rev is really a composition of everything I’ve enjoyed through my life. It’s a fast paced book that has deep character development and has a slight comedic tone in otherwise dark subject matter.

Aside from the injection of the humorous elements did you also intentionally decide to take certain thematic elements into consideration in the plot to balance the dark subject matter?
Yes, I always try to incorporate some theme in my book, especially when I’m writing fantasy. It’s always nice how you can expand a certain theme to it’s fullest potential.

Is part of achieving that fullest potential for you include the need to do research?
No, I usually tend to write about things that randomly come to me. I do most of my thinking for the plot of a book, while I’m riding a bike or running outside. Anything to distract myself from the exercise itself!

*Laughs*. I get that too, exercise can be quite dull, but having something good to think about can be a beautiful distraction. You mentioned earlier in the interview that the novel has deep character development? How did you title character, Skyla evolve?
I’ve always been interested in strong women and that’s what I tried to accomplish with Skyla Levitz. I love her comedic tones and randomness, which gives her character more depth.

If any of your characters could posssibly come to life, who would you like to socialise with?
Skyla – no question. I enjoy someone that I can’t predict and someone is random/weird. It’s no fun hanging out with someone that’s completely normal, weirder is definitely better.

Do you have any personal experiences with either weird people or situations that you decided to include as a part of this book?
No. The book is the result of the effect pop culture had throughout my life. My next book Anima, is based off some real life experiences, and the character is very similar to myself where Rev is comprised of characters/situations that are completely fabricated.

We’ll chat about Anima in a minute, but I’d firstly like to know for you what was the best bit about writing and publishing this book?
This is the first book I’m going to publish and it’s not going to be the last. The most rewarding thing is that I proved to myself that I could write a book and now it’s something that I can’t live without.

Awesome, I love to hear about authors who have been bitten by the self-publishing bug! What’s up next in Anima and when is it due out?
I’m planning on publishing again in December with a book with completely different subject matter. The story revolves around a person who has died and is given the chance to resurrect by completing a set of trials.

That sounds like a great premise. December isn’t far away now have you started to think about working on something else after the release of Anima now that you’ve been bit by the publishing bug?
Afterwards, I plan to see what my feedback is on Rev. If I get positive feedback, I plan on writing the sequel, as I did leave it open.

Well then I hope your feedback is positive so that you can revisit with Skyla. We’ve now reached my favourite section of the interview, the quick fire round, where I try and extract as much information out of the guest being interviewed in the shortest period of time. Patrick, get comfortable and I’ll start firing questions at you.
What is your zodiac sign?

Do you have any philosophies that you live by?
If you don’t have confidence in yourself, why should anyone else?

That is a really good one and very apt. What is your favorite quote, is it along the same vein?
If one dream dies, dream another dream. If you get knocked down, get back up and go again.

It is! And I like that one too. What are you currently reading?
Dark Tower Series currently on book 3

Which are cooler? Dinosaurs or Dragons?
Dragons without a doubt. Dragons are pure fabrications of the imagination and you can imagine/create them by your will.

What is your best tip for authors?
Keep at it, you’re going to fail until you find your still

What was your favourite book as a child?
Watership Down by Richard Adams

What is your favourite quote from another author?
“Call a jack a jack. Call a spade a spade. But always call a whore a lady. Their lives are hard enough, and it never hurts to be polite.” – Patrick Rothfuss

What is your favourite word?

That’s a great last word to end the interview on. Patrick, I’d like to thank you again for setting aside some time today to catch up with me and I wish you the best of luck with working on Anima and with your promotion of Rev.


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