Super Mario Bros: A Hilarious Super Mario Bros Adventure Story

| October 3, 2016


Super Mario Bros: A Hilarious Super Mario Bros Adventure Story | Get It Now! (BONUS INSIDE)

Join Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach and the gang as they embark on a whole new adventure!
Mario and Luigi head to Princess Peach’s castle after they receive a distress call from their favourite princess. Bowser has taken over, and the whole castle is overrun with his awful minions. Even worse, they’ve locked Princess Peach up!

The pair come up with a cunning ruse to kick out the intruder and save the day. It goes well at first, but then something goes haywire and Luigi finds himself locked up in Peach’s tower, and Mario and Princess Peach are flung half way across the Mushroom Kingdom!

Now it’s a race against the clock to save Luigi, Princess Peach’s home, and the whole Mushroom Kingdom. Standing in their way is a whole lot of enemies, a big, scaly monster, and the master mind behind the whole thing. Will they make it in time before it’s too late for Luigi?

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