See No Evil

| October 5, 2016


After getting a CPU and a screen installed in your hand, your online life eclipses your regular life. Everything online is malleable and comforting, while everything offline is drab and dreary. You begin to see the world only displayed on your screen and on social media. There you find others like you, people who see social media as a means to change the world. But when the world does not change to your liking, you become disillusioned. When you find there are people who do not share your opinion, you become distraught and angry. You no longer see social media as a way to change the world politically, so you ignore the political aspect of life altogether which suits you just fine. The political landscape, though, interferes with your newfound social existence, and a political emergency brings social media and unfettered Internet access to a halt. Your life, now turned upside down, has lost all meaning. You struggle to make your way in the post social media world. Fortunately for you, you can get your life back if you agree to have a chip implanted that would allow all your information to be accessible by the state. It is an easy decision, isn’t it?


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