THE SEVENTY: A Movement of Creativity in the Earth

| October 5, 2016


In 2009 Bernard Boulton a pastor of a local church in southern Virginia was praying Luke 10 over the congregation he was serving. Five years later as he was listening to a webcast he was led by Holy Spirit to go back and revisit that season and that prayer. By revelation Bernard’s eyes were opened to see that he what he was praying for was for more than a petition for a local church but he was praying for the coming forth of The Seventy; an apostolic prophetic movement of creatives going forth in the earth.
What is this movement? It is a movement of artist who have been touched by the God of creativity. His name is Yahweh and He created the heavens and the earth and created mankind in His image. This movement of artist represents to the nations of the earth the God of love who delights in His creation discovering the world through creative expression. .
This book was released in September 2015. It has been revised and now includes the creative journeys of Apostle Bernard Boulton and Apostle Terrance Frederick. This is a movement of people and these testimonies have been added to demonstrate this truth.
Also the book includes a prophetic forecast for the year 5777.
In this book you will identify:
1. The biblical foundation for this current movement.
2. The unique characteristics of the seventy.
3. The function of the scribe.
4. The definition of a creative watchman.
5. God’s purpose for music in prophetic worship.
6. The defeat of Satan ‘s principalities over cities and regions.
7. The role of dreams in revealing major portions of this revelation.
And much more!


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