Lucinda’s Ghost

| June 16, 2013


Lucinda's Ghost

Lucinda is a precocious nine year old girl who meets a ghost while on vacation. Bob is
not a scary ghost. He doesn’t haunt a house. He lives on the beach of a South
Carolina island.

Only Lucinda and her three year old brother, Woodrow, can see Bob, and this presents
its own problems. When Lucinda learns that Bob died while vacationing with his
daughter and granddaughter and now he can’t leave the island to return to them
in Tennessee, she knows she must enlist her parent’s help in freeing Bob from the
island. But how can she make them believe that Bob exists if they can’t see him?

Over the course of the vacation, Lucinda’s family is drawn closer because of Bob.
Her parents are struggling in their marriage, and Lucinda is afraid of the “D”
word: Divorce. Bob counsels her in ways of bringing them together, and the struggle
for the family to get Bob off the island provides the necessary fabric to knit
the family and marriage back together.

But getting Bob off the island puts Lucinda in danger. Despite Bob’s objections,
Lucinda’s family decides that it is worth the risk.

Lucinda’s Ghost is about the sacrifices good people make for no good reason except that
it is right. The novel has an annoying little brother, bickering parents, and a
grandmother that provides comic relief. But most of all it has a kindhearted
little girl that puts herself at risk to help a ghost, and a ghost that
reluctantly accepts her help.


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