Mason the Mutt

| October 6, 2016


What happens to dogs before they are rescued off the streets?

Follow Mason’s story and fall in love with this courageous puppy as he searches for a new home.

Mason’s breezy car ride is cut unexpectedly short as his owner decides to abandon him on the side of the road. But right from the start, he never loses heart, determined to find a place he can call home. Root for him as he navigates through the dangerous and adventurous new world in search for a loving home.

Will Mason ever find a new home? Will he have to live on the streets alone?

This picture ebook focuses on tough subjects that are difficult to talk to children about, such as abandonment, homelessness and bullying. A story to remind everyone what it means to have a home and to never stop hoping and dreaming, no matter what age you are.

Let Mason show how to cope with life’s difficulties using hope, courage and love.

??? Grady Harp (Hall of Fame reviewer, Top 100 Reviewer, Vine Voice) had this to say about Mason the Mutt:

“Russ Hughes and his wife KayeC Jones are fine storytellers and fine illustrators and know that books for children can quite positively affect adults, too.”

This is an ebook so there’s no waiting for your book to arrive. Download and enjoy the story today!


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