Beginner Readers Hallowe’en

| October 6, 2016


Better than candy!

Imagine a beaming face looking up at you and saying “I just read a whole book by myself!” Give the early readers in your life a successful reading experience this Hallowe’en. The feeling of accomplishment that goes along with that proud smile is more satisfying than any candy. It lasts a lot longer, too!

  • This Hallowe’en story was written with beginning readers in mind. They know their letter sounds and how to blend those sounds together to make words. Ideally, they will also have had some exposure to sight words. Struggling readers will be reassured by the simple text and repetition within the story.

  • By focusing on one word family (the ~at family), children become familiar with chunks of words that always look and sound the same. They recognize the pattern. Beginning readers can then apply their knowledge to decode new words with greater ease and confidence.
  • The story structure includes a dozen sight words, from Dolch’s Pre-Primer, Primer, and 1st Grade lists. All but two words are from Fry’s First One Hundred. In other words(!), most of the vocabulary used is in the top 100 most used words in print and digital form. Exposure to common words that don’t conform to spelling rules is an important step on the journey to reading success.
  • The focus words, however, are not just thrown together for the sake of it. This story will tickle your Beginning Reader’s funny bone, and have them asking to read it again and again – which is exactly what you want an early reader to do. Repetition, and lots of it, is key to increasing their confidence and fluency. Beginner Readers Hallowe’en provides independent practice at just the right level.

Download your copy of Beginner Readers Hallowe’en now and put a big smile on the face of your favorite early reader this Hallowe’en!


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