The Madness of Joe Francis: “I thought we were all just having fun. I was wrong.”

| June 16, 2013


The Madness of Joe Francis:

In 2003, Girls Gone Wild’s Joe Francis’ life was an orgy of money, sex and fame. Handsome, charming and driven, Francis had everything going his way until the mayor of a small Southern town told him to take his cameramen and go. Francis thought it was a publicity stunt — “I thought we were all just having fun. I was wrong.” What ensued were eight years of courtroom battles, 11 months in jail and lawsuits that threatened to ruin his multi-million dollar business — all of which robbed him of his sanity.
During these years, the manic, outspoken and uncontrollable Francis clashed openly with men who could have sprung from Elmore Leonard or Carl Hiaasen novels. The tough-talking mayor who had been “shot twice and blown up once” while serving in Vietnam. The sleazy chief prosecutor who was sexually harassing his employees while publicly denouncing Girls Gone Wild. The humorless federal judge who took matters of decorum very seriously.
And when Joe Francis, exhausted and terrified, could no longer continue the fight, he left the fate of his empire in the hands of a young, untested woman in a federal trial with 7 million on the line.
“The Madness of Joe Francis” is the true story of eight extraordinary years in the life of one of America’s most polarizing personalities, set before the breathless backdrop of one of the most beautiful beaches in Florida. Panama City Beach is a blinding combination of dazzling beaches, Southern culture and mixed moral messages.
“The Madness of Joe Francis” is told by a 20-year newspaper veteran who covered the story from beginning to end. It is a fast-paced, dialogue driven story that is dominated by rich, unusual characters and tense courtroom drama.


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