Birds for Beginners: Birds of North America in Pictures

| October 9, 2016


Birds for Beginners: Including 97 Birds of North America in Gorgeous Pictures

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Hello there! You just looked at a book about the birds in the United States of America. Here, you’ll find a lot of birds that can be found in the USA. Aren’t birds magnificent creatures? Like many members of the animal kingdom, there are a lot of varieties of birds. Birds have a wide range of sizes. Some are small like the finches and sparrows and others are large like ostriches. The same is true for their appearances – different beautiful plumage coloration, bill shapes, and other features. Some birds are solitary while many live in large flocks. Most birds fly, but there are also birds who can’t. But even if those that can’t fly boast amazing abilities – some are agile swimmers while others can run at great speed.

Birds are a significant part of the practical life of people. Certain birds are raised for poultry meat, eggs, and feathers. Another product is the guano – their droppings which can serve as fertilizer. Songbirds and parrots are popular as pets. Left to themselves, birds also perform many functions for the environment. They are known as great agents of pollination and the propagation of plant seeds. Birds are also prominent in human culture. The national animal of the USA is a bird: the Bald Eagle. Moreover, each state has what they call a “state bird”. Birds are vertebrates just like mammals. They belong to the class Aves. They are two-legged, with wings and feathers. Another characteristic is the toothless beak. Another similarity they share with mammals is being warm-blooded and having a four-chambered heart. Birds are really interesting in many ways. In this book, you’ll find a lot of information on different birds of the USA. For sure, this will be a wonderful journey of learning and fun. Now, turn the page to start learning about the birds in the USA.

Here Is A Preview Of What’s Included…

    • 97 Birds in Gorgeous Pictures
    • A small Description of each Bird
    • Ideal Book for children or Beginners
    • Easy to read !

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