SuperHero University: Freshman Year A Blossoming Teen Romance (Superhero University Book 1)

| October 11, 2016


Superhero University: Freshman Year A Blossoming Teen Romance

Just outside the hilly town of Edinburgh, stands the hallowed halls of Willowburg University, a seemingly normal learning institute. Students would flock into the grounds during the school year and they were trained to hone their skills for the next phase of their lives. However, there is something more to Willowburg than meets the eye.

Aretha Barrett came to the university in the middle of the semester. She was mysteriously quiet, and refuses to even look at other students. She seemed to be always on her guard, as if someone or something was after her.

She finds herself safe at Willowburg when she met Jarrod Vernon and Clive Farrel. The two nerdy freshmen were the only people who did not seem to worry about her past and the mysteries surrounding her.

However, her past is trying to catch up with her, and the villain she was trying to run away from has just found a way to get into Willowburg.

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