New York Hip Hop & Rap Rhyming Dictionary

| October 12, 2016


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Dear Lyrist & Songwriter


In this volume, we will provide you with a very brief introduction to the history of Rap and Hip Hop. This “NEW YORK HIP HOP & RAP RHYMING DICTIONARY” will provide the reader with the knowledge of different types of rhymes and illustrate the practice of these rhymes with examples from a variety of different artists. In the final chapters of this book, a multitude of common phrases will provide the reader with rhymes that go far beyond the basic end rhyme.

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Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

The objective of this dictionary is to provide writers with a perspective different from most rhyming dictionaries. Too often rhyming dictionaries provide very simple, monosyllabic rhymes that neglect to expand the mind and leave many works at the beginner-stage. Furthermore, an additional dictionary offers Homonym rhymes, which will be explained later in this book. Continue reading and take yourself to the next level.

Check out Sample Excerpts from The Extensive Hip Hop Rhyming Dictionary below


Busy Busy, Hit the city, In a jiffy, It’s a mystery, It’s at fifth street, Missed me-Missed me, Pretty nifty, This is history, This is nifty, This is shifty


Asthma attack
After the fact, Ask for it back, Blast to the past, Cats in the bag, Drafted the fastest, Half of a track, Pass in the back, Platinum plaque, Tackle the track, That is a fact, That’s in the bag


Back to the basics
Ask them to make it, Dabble and taste it, Gasp in amazement, Last in the races, Laugh in the faces, Tackled and aced it, Tackle the cases, That isn’t wasted, Track it and trace it


Change the flow
Ace the show, Bass is low, Case is closed, Fake the O, Hate to go, Made to go, Make it grow, Make it snow, Take it slow


Drum and bass
Come and play, Flushed away, Hunger days, Months and days, Other ways, Some will say, Summer craze, Sun and rays, Tons of ways, Thunder plays, Thunder rains, Underage


East to west
Be the guest, Clean the mess, Deeper breath, Eat the rest, Feeling blessed, Meet the rest, Piece of flesh, See the rest, Teach the best, We the best

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