GRANNY SQUARE :How To Make 25+ Gorgeous And Easy Granny Square Patterns(One Day Crochet Projects For Beginners)(NEW AND UPDATED EDITION 2016)

| October 13, 2016


GRANNY SQUARE :How To Make 25+ Gorgeous And Easy Granny Square PATTERNS(NEW AND UPDATED EDITION 2016)


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Are you  getting more and more time at home these days?

You can utilize this time in doing something constructive! A very good option that you have is crocheting. If you know crocheting, you can make so many things at home. This way your time will be utilized properly and you can even decorate your house really well and fill your wardrobe with some extremely amazing items. 
You might not know anything about crocheting at all, but you don’t have to worry because that is the whole point of this book. We will take you step by step and teach you all the technicalities of crocheting. It is not going to take a lot of time for you to learn it because we have made sure that everything is explained to you in detail. We have elaborated more than 25 designs that you can make with the help of these crochet techniques. It should take no time for you to master these because we have explained them from the scratch.
In order to become a pro, you need to make sure that you follow the instructions properly. You might find it a little hard initially because it takes some time to get a proper understanding but don’t worry about it. When your grip gets better, things will become really easy for you and you will be making all the designs very effortlessly. Even if you don’t get it right initially, don’t get your spirits down. You can do it very well. You just need a little bit of practice. Now, let’s dig into the book in order to teach you the techniques.

Here is what others are saying about this book.

A good compilation about basic crochet stitches and techniques for Granny squares. As we all know, crochet is based on sets of stitches and stitch count. It properly discussed the proper way of doing or starting your crochet that will help you save lots of your time, headache and ripping out your work. This explained everything from the basic stitches and knots to form your pattern easily to joining methods for granny squares. Simply, everything here are very well explained and easy to follow along with the pictures on it.


The book is a long way from being instructional. I downloaded this book hoping to learn some new granny square ideas and patterns. This is perfect for that! It has 25 different patterns of Granny Squares starting with easy to make to the more advanced. This book includes the color yarn, the weight of the yarn and the other tools you will need. The instructions are a bit vague, so you will need to know how to crochet before you begin these projects. I would love to try this crochets for granny design!
-Sarah Jones

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