Dying Takes It Out of You (THE MADONNA DIARIES Book 1)

| October 13, 2016


Dory, an angry, but gifted artist, knows he’s cursed, just like his father said. He can hear the pain of the world. It seeps in through “the cracks” in his head. When millions fall victim to an incurable virus and Dory can’t shut out their screams, he decides his only option is to kill himself. Instead of succeeding, he becomes the latest victim of the disease. He’s going to die, but he has two choices. He can either let the virus quickly turn him into a vicious, unthinking monster, or he can fight to retain his identity to the end. If he chooses the later, he’ll have to resist the blood lust and consuming pain that ensues once a person is infected. When his brother begs him not to lose hope, Dory knows he has to make the right decision. But will he be strong enough to bear the misery that comes with that decision? And most importantly, will he finally find the freedom and redemption he’s always yearned for?

“Dystopia is where we’re birthed. Dystopia is where we take our last breath. I’m not far from that last breath. Or maybe I’m just dreaming again, wishing I could be that lucky.” Quote from the first chapter of THE MADONNA DIARIES


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