Author interview with Andy Skrzynski of ‘The New World: Blue Moon Generation’


The Blue Moon Generation of young warriors is led by Caru, the brave but brash young daughter of Ukkiville’s ruler. Trained by the best and possessing powers of the mind greater than her father’s, she leads her two lifelong friends into the teeth of intensifying perils. Together, they battle the detested Skalags and vicious beasts cloned from wicked DNA combinations of animals, insects, and plants near the turn of the next century in this gripping sci-fi adventure.

Today I’m joined by Andy Skrzynski author of ‘The New World: Blue Moon Generation’, the sequel to ‘The New World: A Step Backward’. Andy, thanks for chatting with me today. Let’s start today by discussing what was unfinished in the ‘A Step Backward’ that pushed you to return to this world in this sequel?
This book was the natural progression of the adventures of the first novel of the series, “The New World: A Step Backward.” The younger generation follows in their parent’s footsteps to continue to protect their villagers and way of life from the never-ending threats that lurk in the shadows and depths of the forests and lakes.

Were some of those warriors who faced the threats lurking in the shadows of this novel based upon events, situations or people from your own life?
Yes! Some of the characters were from Texas. The humorous interactions between closest friends, mimicked the pestering banter and pranks often shared amongst me and my friends.

So did you base the main characters in the book off mostly from your friends or did the characters develop in another way?

Really? Awesome! I love the characters that come from the wisps of dreams. How much do you use your dreams as the basis for a story?
In fact much of the tale comes to me during the wee hours of my sleep. Often, I’m quite energized when I awaken in the morning, flush with new material to immediately write two to four chapters while I sip my first couple of cups of coffee.

That seems too easy? Is is really that simple and unencumbered?
I spend many hours every day, starting when I awaken from my sleep with fresh ideas floating in my head. As long as the ideas flow, I keep writing. Type, type, type!!! I only concentrate on writing and hobbies!

With your focus primarily on writing, approximately, how long did it take for you to write this book?
From start to publish, it took nine months.

That’s a reasonable timeline but, I’m envious that your story just flows out like that after dreaming. I love the efficiency of it and simplicity of how your brain works.
If not for the churning of my brain after the lights go out, I’m not sure the book would be half as amazing and unique in the development of the muclone beasts ever-lurking in the shadows.

These muclone beasts are pretty neat creatures. If you could breed two animals together to defy the laws of nature what new animal would you create?
Go to my two books and look at the numerous muclones for an idea. You’ll find more than 25 different mutant beasts of unbelievable combinations of not only animals but cross-combinations of animals, insects, and plants.

I think I’m going to get a biased answer, but I’m going to ask anyway, Which are cooler, Dinosaurs, Dragons or Muclones?
The mutated combination of both dinosaurs and dragons to create one of my pet muclones.

Good answer. Now with these muclones lurking around in the background of your story who were your favourite characters skulking around amongst them in the shadows?
I loved the three main characters: Caru, Proto, and Fox, but I really enjoyed the interactions of Fox with everybody else. The development of Hoot has also been inspiring and will likely lead to MUCH more in the third book to come!

Now I just can’t let those names slip by. I’ve heard Fox used as a name before simply because I watch too much tv, but I have to admit that Caru and Proto are unusual. Are these the most unusual names you’ve ever come across?
Several in my book are great candidates. How about: Intellulka, Mercivil, Thoruk, Charilulka, Foxuk, or many, many more…

From this vast cast of personas, is there any character in your book that you would socalise with if given the chance?
Sure! If I could go back and be a teenager, Caru is exactly what I’d seek. She’s so brash, brave, and gets after it, no matter what the challenge or danger.

Thrill seekers are very tempting. Do you feel that you have fully explored the Blue Moon world, or are you going to return for more? Have you already started working on the another book?
Yes, the third book of the series to expand even further the adventure of the Blue Moon Generation and those that follow in their footsteps.

What did you find to be most rewarding about writing this book?
The excitement and interaction with readers and fans. Their gleeful faces are like a shot of adrenalin that makes you want to write even more!

Do you have a vivid memory of that very first review or reader interaction? How did you feel?
Very excited! With your first book, you’re really not sure what to expect, but when it finally came, it was refreshing and energizing!

Speaking of energizing, I love the energy that the cover brings to your book. Did you design it yourself?
I used an award-winning cover artist out of California. She did a great job on my first book and has duplicated that success with the sequel.

She’s done a good job. On a more childish note, can you curl your tongue?
How many tries do I get?



Just the one. Any more than that is against the rules. What was your favourite book as a child?
Homer’s the Odyssey. There are things I learned in that book that I continue to live by to this day. For example, how you treat a guest in your house.

What other philosophies of life do you live by?
Here’s a few: Ignore the little annoyances! Follow, rather than fight the path laid out for you! If “it” threatens bodily harm or death, eliminate “it”! You live the life you choose, so keep your grubby mitts off mine!

*Laughs*, quite a solid complimentary selection there. Andy, thanks again for joining me today and I hope that your promotion of ‘The New World: Blue Moon Generation’ goes fantastically.



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