My Dragon Is Scared: 12 Rhyming Stories to Help With Toddler Fears – Perfect for Early Readers or to Read With Your Child at Bedtime

| October 16, 2016


This is a fabulous bedtime stories book to read to your child. It is filled with lovely stories that young children can relate to and learn from. It can also be used by early readers to practice their reading skills.

These 12 Short Stories explore the fears that many young children experience. The stories focus on Dan the Dragon, so that you and your child can read about his fears and how he overcame them. The little boy in the story often doesn’t admit he is scared or that he has made a mistake, instead he blames the dragon.

I have written the stories from this point of view because sometimes when parents try to help their child to overcome problems, the child is too close to the situation and cannot rationally identify and solve the problem. This slightly disconnected action where the dragon has the problem…allows young children to focus on solving that problem.

The Stories include:
“Where’s My Mommy?”
A New Baby Brother
My Friend the Dragon Throws Tantrums
My Friend the Dragon is Scared of the Dark
My Friend the Dragon has a Messy Room
“It’s Not My Fault!”
My Friend the Dragon Says Bad Words
My Friend the Dragon Won’t Eat That!
My Friend the Dragon has Accidents
My Friend the Dragon is Very Shy
My Friend the Dragon Meets a Bully
My Friend the Dragon Has Bad Dreams

At the end of the book there is a Bonus Section on Strategies for Solving Toddler Fears.


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