| October 18, 2016


Get ready to immerse yourself in a new romantic story

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Fly Me High is a short military romance story about quickly sparked attraction between college girl Amelia and hot pilot named Spencer. Two different worlds, two different people. One – a girl, trying to finish college and get over a recent breakup, the other – a military guy, trying to live his dream being a pilot. Discover all the difficulties and doubts emerging in their way as they try to make both worlds work.

Here’s a small part from the book

An hour later, they were on the road ready to meet what Des kept calling “hot fly boys”. Amelia had no idea to what to expect and had never been to an air show. She couldn’t believe the crowds at the gate and smells of fuel as they got closer to the gates. She could hear the planes fire up and the breeze picked up all around them. It was a million times louder than she imagined.

Des and Amelia made their way inside and grabbed a drink as they headed to get a close up view of the planes on the flight line. They were giant masses of metal with Air Force written across the sides. Some were adorned with nicknames painted across them just like she had always seen in pictures of World War II. She ducked in and out of wheels that held up these amazing and powerful machines. Her hair flapped in the wind as a nearby helicopter’s blades started to rotate. Some of the planes were open to tour, with ladders and steps pulled up to cockpits, the mysterious and complicated epicenter that made these massive planes take flight. Des grabbed her arm and said to follow her towards the fighter jets. They were letting people slide into cockpits of the Air Force’s most elite jets.

As Amelia neared the jets, her hair blew over her eyes and she let Des be her guide. Des let go as they ducked under an older plane. Amelia went to sip her lemonade when she felt a smack in the face and the straw bend. She had collided with a wall of olive green. She stepped back and realized the wall of green was a flight suit. She looked up and her eyes met a man in uniform with his arms outstretched to steady her.

Will they be able to be together despite completely different worlds?

Find out NOW!

You will enjoy this book if you like:

  • Romantic and Military settings in one book
  • New Adult Romance
  • Contemporary Romance
  • College Romance
  • Romance Short Reads


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