Shergar: A True Crime Story of Kidnapping, Racehorse and Politics

| October 19, 2016


A true crime story set in Ireland and involving kidnapping, the IRA and a phenomenal racehorse named Shergar. Who Kidnap Shergar? A mystery that has baffled authorities for years…

Ask anyone in Great Britain or Ireland about famous racehorses and they’ll likely have only one name to tell you. Shergar. At his peak, Shergar was one of the most elegant, powerful, and successful racehorses in the history of the sport. By the time he retired, his reputation alone was enough to earn massive amounts of money. But then, one cold night, he vanished. Kidnapped. Stolen by a group of masked men. The heist quickly became an international sensation, attracting attention from around the world. Everyone wanted to know: who kidnapped Shergar?

And the mystery has continued to the present day. Still a cold case, picking apart the Gordian knot of Shergar’s disappearance involves everything from bad business deals to domestic terrorism. The Irish Republican Army (IRA) have been accused of being at the center of the plot, arriving as it did amidst the Troubles in the country. Occurring during one of the most turbulent times in the history of Ireland, the kidnapping of one of the nation’s sporting heroes was not only front page news; it was intrinsically linked to the political situation in the country. As the kidnappers issued their demands and the owners tried desperately to get their horseback, the situation sunk deeper and deeper into tragedy before the trail went cold.

In this book, we will look into the complicated and fascinating disappearance of Shergar. We will examine the delicate domestic situation in Ireland and probe just how this battle with the British might have spilled over into the sport of kings. We will look at the people who became embroiled in the plot on every side, trying to uncover the truth behind one of the world’s strangest kidnapping cases. By the end of this book, we just might know what happened to the horse named Shergar.”

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