The Bonding Crystal

| October 20, 2016


Robby McRoss carries around a gaping hole. Not one that can be see or touched, sometimes he feels that perhaps that would be better. This empty place is inside him and is threatening to turn him into less than the wimp his classmates already take him for. To add to his troubles he has an ugly birth mark that is the cause of many a fight. He uses the term ‘fight’ loosely he realises and is the first to admit he does little more than curl up and wait until the fighting part is over. Trouble is it is usually his best friend who sorts it out for him. Not so bad you may think but Abigail is tiny and looks as though a good puff of wind would blow her away. She is also bossy, self-opinionated and has appointed herself Robby’s guardian angel.
It is not until Robby meets, Frenzel, his dragon, that the empty place begins to heal. However to keep Frenzel he must prove himself compatible. Abigail has serious doubts about the whole thing and no intention of letting him go off alone. Things get worse when Robby discovers that someone is planning to destroy this new world and its inhabitants and everything he is learning to love. He and Frenzel have to stop them and while doing so Robby discovers the ‘Empty Place’ has finally healed. This leaves Abigail free to discover that life need not always mean managing someone else’s.


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