Shifting Tides: Contortions of the Mind

| October 21, 2016


The imagination is a place where anything can happen. Every story is a vehicle of transport into times and places the reader has chosen to traverse. There are challenges along the way that excite and titillate the taste for more insights into possibilities of what might happen. This collection of short stories begins a journey of the mind through worlds of those possibilities. In One Step Back a pair of future game hunters leave their electronic fantasies behind to go after big game in the distant past with unexpected results; in The Frog an expedition to the Amazon discovers a secret of immeasurable medicinal value; Oomph tells a tale of serendipity in research; Babble places a father and daughter together to find what the waves of the ocean are saying; Awake At Last set on a lighthouse in Boston Harbor is a tale of hacking with unexpected results; Reader of the Dead speaks to a possible future where literacy is real power; Snake Oil is sometimes not what is expected; Love Tricks of God’s Priests takes a glimpse at the life of a young boy who has put all his faith in something he was not totally aware; and, The Blacc Stone is where an unexpected find in the Gobi turns out more deadly than expected. All of these stories are science fiction to one degree or another. There is one story which falls outside the genre but is included for the reader to enjoy and consider thoughtfully. Read on and enjoy.


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