Into the End

| October 22, 2016


This book is the first in a completed series with a continuing plot. Not all plot points are resolved by the conclusion of this book. This is a cliffhanger style ending.

Rachel Parker can IDENTIFY fear, she can DEFINE it, but she doesn’t feel it. Not anymore. Not since the tests.

Her inability to feel fear may be the reason why the rest of America is screaming in terror.

America’s end is near.

After being weakened by countless natural disasters, America opens its airspace for aid. But instead, what is left of the devastated west coast finds itself nearly obliterated from above… the attackers haven’t been identified.

The key may belong to tests designed by a Pacific Northwest psychologist Rachel Parker.

Rachel loses her husband in a house fire as they escape with their children to the nearby Rocky Mountains following the first round of air raids. In refuge, she faces her husband’s best friend, but doesn’t want to face his ill-harbored feelings or her own inability to face reality.

Her sister, Brenda, escapes the fallen city, and mistaken for Rachel, is captured.

Terrified and alone, Brenda is protected by an enigmatic man-even while he helps keep her captive. Through torture and mind games, Brenda discovers information about her sister’s work that could spin the free world into a tumultuous frenzy where the unknown is safer than reality.

Will Rachel’s past destroy Brenda’s future? Can either of them stay alive long enough to help America survive?

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