The Origin Point: A Future Tech Cyber Novella

| October 22, 2016


WITHOUT THE CONSENT OF THE GOVERNED two American federal government cabinet ministers involve the U.S. in a secretive alliance to create a global surveillance and online tracking system of sweeping control. But a ubiquitous flash drive with shocking content falls into the hands of an intrepid journalist, and the untold plan may suddenly be made available to the world. When global cyber security is the prize in the race for our online future, can the defiance of two master operators backed by a clandestine global group outpace the vaunted skill of America’s free press and an underground cyber defense team with its own agenda?

Welcome to Washington, D.C., a city where life is a deal and secrecy is holding the cards. The Origin Point is a future tech cyber novella taking you into the vision of our future under control by an omnipresent cyber network. The novella is the first prequel in the Life Online Files series of future tech cyber thrillers about the future impact of our rising dependency on technology.

The U.S. Secretary of State and the director of the almost unknown Federal Security Commission implicate the United States in the clandestine Global Cyber Security group planning to construct an international cyber operation uniting all surveillance, satellite images and everyone’s online data into one controllable space. Taking full advantage of dysfunction in D.C. politics and a billionaire class awash with cash, they manipulate federal government departments, big business and global law enforcement into implementing their project. But a mysterious underground technologist with a targeted investigation launches a daring cyber counterattack. As global forces work to accelerate their implementation timeline, and independent technologists mobilize to stop the plan, those caught in the middle debate the most decisive issues of our times:

Do you want individual privacy or do you want global security?
What is the responsibility of business to protect consumer data?
What is the role of government in managing progress?
Can we prevent the technology from taking control?

From the law-making halls of D.C. to the free-wheeling tech economy in San Francisco, the forces making these decisions are already in the game and your life is in play. Learn who is bracing to advance, and who is in retreat as the brightest minds lay the foundation for a future that may have already arrived.


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