THE SECRET – Book 1: Mind Freak

| October 23, 2016


When 12 year old Tess moves to a new neighborhood, she tries to befriend the boy who lives next door, a boy of the same age, named Sam. Tess doesn’t know that Sam has a special power, one that he must keep secret at all costs. No, he is not a mind reader, but he is capable of something else which at times he struggles to control. The other kids think he’s strange and tend to avoid him. But with Tess’s arrival, everything changes.

However, Sam is not the only one who takes an interest in Tess.The coolest kid in the grade, a boy named Jake Collins begins to notice her as well and Sam decides he does not have a chance. Then, when Jake’s bullying becomes worse than ever, Sam is forced to teach him a lesson.

But what happens when Sam goes too far? And does Tess find out what he is actually capable of?

If you love reading about kids with special powers and you enjoyed my series called ‘Mind Reader’, then you are sure to enjoy this series too. It is another exciting story full of drama, suspense, romance, boy crushes, friendship issues and much, much more.
A suspenseful book for girls that you will not be able to put down.


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