Awakening The Salesman

| October 23, 2016


Everything is selling and everyone is a salesman. Some of us just don’t know it yet. If you know you’re a salesman,great.. If you think your not a salesman,your wrong. If you exchange or interact with other people,you’re a salesman. It doesn’t matter if you’re a Musician,Doctor,Manager,Preacher or Cashier. Every day you sell ideas,products or services to other people.

“Selling is simple once you realize your dealing with actual people who need real attention”

My goal was to create an incredibly detailed and
an informative book that could be read in one night and in
the morning you could immediately start applying the
techniques I discuss to your life.

 I will awaken YOUR inner salesman and transform you into a person who can sell anything by simply understanding people.

 “Selling is 70% mental and 30% caring”

This book is for experienced sellers who want to learn
what this “job” is really about. And for newcomers who
want to learn it all.


  • Nobody has time to read a 300-page book,you can finish this one in a night or less.
  • Short and straightforward information. Yet simple with true and useful content.
  • Includes: How to’s,Checklist’s,Tips and Personal Notes.


Want to be the best at your job?
Want to be your own boss?
Want to win over your boss?
Want to sell products,services or ideas?
Want to make money and more of it?
Want to make friends and influence others?
Want to always win at dealing with people?


You will learn:

How to improve sales at work and home

How to get what you want

How to make money and more of it

How to make friends

How to influence and persuade people

How to be an effective leader

How to do marketing

How to increase profit

How to sell ideas,products, or services
And more

Use this book as a manual or reminder for successful selling

Everyone has a salesman inside of them and some of us
can awaken it with just one book.


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