American Lease

| October 23, 2016


While walking on the path through the disbanded town of Monson, New Hampshire, Dylan Cold and his dog Montana come across a dead cop — and his killer. Forced, at gunpoint, to help the killer, Dylan is drawn into the search for an historic document that will give the holder legal ownership of the land covered by the original Thirteen Colonies of the United States.

In 1775 King George was desperate to avoid an expensive war with the colonies. The King of England agreed to a unique arrangement, lease the United Kingdoms American territories to the continental congress. As compensation the Americans, through Ben Franklin, agreed to pay export taxes and offer the United Kingdom steep discounts and rights of first refusal on their extensive supply of natural resources. Dylan Cold doesn’t know much about history or the defunct Southern New Hampshire town of Monson where he walks his dog. After coming across a slain police officer and his wounded killer he needs to learn fast. With help from Abbey Holt a local farmer and history scholar he needs to find the lease and stay one step ahead of the men who would stop at nothing to possess the document.


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