kNewspapers: A Novel About Love and Citizen Journalism

| June 18, 2013


kNewspapers: A Novel About Love and Citizen Journalism

This is an autobiographical novel, a work of fiction.

Print newspapers end up in the recycling bin. They are used to line bird cages. Puppies get pottie-trained with old newspapers. Print newspapers are yesterday’s news, but Journalism will survive.

Downsized in 2005 from a midsize daily newspaper in the Midwest and on the run from a soon-to-be ex-wife, intrepid webmaster Paul Malinski transforms into kpaul, a man determined to start a news and information source from the ground up, something truly by the people and for the people.

Along the way, he learns a lot about journalism, greed, love, black holes, Occupy and much more. Perhaps most important, he learns about himself and that one person alone can’t do everything. This narrative is the beginning of a conversation that will hopefully help shape Journalism for years to come.

This novel describes the continued decline of big media and the rise of “citizen journalism” as seen through the eyes of a man who believes that Journalism is much too important to leave to large corporations. This book is for journalists, ex-journalists, and anyone who wishes there was a better system of news dissemination in this nation and around the world.


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