Discovery of the Saiph (The Saiph Series Book 1)

| October 26, 2016


Epic space battles, discovery of new alien cultures and desperate missions behind enemy lines. A must for military SF fans.

In the not too distant future humans can travel to the stars. Almost instantaneously.

The Marco Polo captained by David Catney is the first of its kind to lead mankind to Proxima Centauri outside Earth’s Solar System. Unexpectedly the ship’s scientists detect power readings, they confirm they are artificial, obviously alien and emanate from Planet III… a wasteland that suffered a devastating nuclear bombardment many thousands of years before. Archaeologists discover an alien library deep underground and are astonished to unlock its secrets with human DNA.They determine a race called the Saiph have left a database to guide human survival against a merciless and previously unencountered enemy called the ‘Others’. Now that humans have found the Saiph, the Others will surely find them.

Praise for Discovery of the Saiph:

  • “As a fan of Jack McDevitt’s archaeology based SF novels, I couldn’t pass this one up.”
  • “A good old fashioned science fiction military adventure for the young at heart.”
  • “A really good sci-fi tale comprising political, military, and individual action involving interstellar war. A lot of action with a minimum of political skulduggery.”
  • Discovery of the Saiph is PP Corcoran’s debut novel and book 1 in The Saiph Series. In 2015 it became a number 1 best-seller in military science fiction in Amazon UK and Australia.

    The Saiph Series comes highly recommended from fans of the Honor Harrington and Lost Fleet series, the works of Jack McDevitt, The Mote In God’s Eye by Niven and Pournelle, Asimov and Arthur C Clark.

    Scroll up and grab a copy today!


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