Your Inner Child Is A Winner: How to reclaim your natural confidence and self-esteem so you can do the things you have always wanted to do and be the person you have always wanted to be

| October 26, 2016


Do you:

  • feel insecure and afraid a lot of the time
  • compare yourself to others – and always come up short
  • get carried away with anger, frustration, despair and other negative statesfeel unworthy of success 
  • have a very hard time trusting people 
  • experience harsh self-talk on a daily basis
  • punish yourself by withholding love, praise, support or worse – by actively pursuing things, situations, people or environments which are harmful for you.

Do you recognize yourself in any of this? If you have picked up this book, you probably do. I am also willing to bet that you instinctively know a couple of things:

  • a) you were not born with them
  • b) they all go back to a “short-circuit” in your childhood, when your natural thriving, confident, playful and secure self got thwarted

Much like the sap inside a tree or a plant, the life force that animates a human being is the perfect guide towards the nutrients it needs (physical, emotional and intellectual) in order to thrive. This connection gets thwarted sometimes by our environment.
But it never really disappears.
What I will show you in this book is how to restore that connection. Your own inner “sap” will do the rest.
In a few short weeks, this is what you can experience on a daily basis:

  • a very real, strong sense of confidence 
  • your fears will diminish
  • your relationships will dramatically improve (and the negative ones will dissolve)
  • no problem in saying no 
  • procrastination will not be an issue anymore
  • more energy, more joy, more enthusiasm for life
  • an increasing sense of well-being

I am a former teacher who, after years of battling depression, anxiety and other negative states, was diagnosed with PTSD. After the birth of my son, a year after marrying the love of my life, I decided that I was ready to finally be happy. I became my own coach and “raised” my inner child properly, so that I could finally be the person I sensed I could be (and wanted to!).
I am speaking also from my experience in working with hundreds of children as a teacher – and hundreds of adults and their inner children. It works. I can teach you how it can work for you too.
Will you come out and play?


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