Simple and Sold

| June 19, 2013


Simple and Sold

Simple and Sold — Utilize the Web: Sell your Home Yourself and Pocket the Commission

Real Estate Solutions That Save You Money
With a little training, you can do a far better job selling their home than a real estate agent ever could.

Think about it—who knows your home better? Who’s more invested in making the transaction work?

If you are selling your home, the Simple & Sold method isn’t just a “should,” it’s a “must.” It will teach you how to sell your home yourself and save the real estate commission, which means saving thousands of dollars and a huge percentage of your equity. Veteran real estate broker Sissy Lappin has created this start-to-finish program to give homeowners practical, relevant advice from a neutral, objective and experienced perspective. Following the steps in Simple & Sold, you’ll have all the help you need to make smart decisions for selling your home.

Sissy knows that home sales don’t have to be nearly as complicated as most real estate agents would make you think. If you handle the process correctly, it’s a breeze. All you need to effectively sell a home by yourself is the willingness to learn and follow a system that will put you in control.

Simple & Sold gives you the proven tools and the effective strategies used by the best real estate insiders. Sissy walks you through the step-by-step process from start to finish, helping you identify and prevent problems before they start. You’ll find that this program will result in your knowing the business better than many agents out there.


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