Write a Kindle Bestseller: How to Write, Format, Publish, and Market a Kindle Bestseller

| October 27, 2016



Did you know that you can publish a book on Amazon for as little as $5 or $6?

Have you always wanted to write a book, but think it is too difficult to get published?

Are you tired of getting rejection letters from publishing houses?

Have you already published some Kindle books on Amazon, but have yet to make any money at or reach the bestsellers’ list?

Are you interested in writing about any of the following:

– writing about writing
– writing fantasy and science fiction
– writing horror
– writing kindle mysteries
– writing nonfiction books
– writing picture books
– writing fiction
– obtaining writing jobs
– any other forms of writing for a living

If any of these questions resound with you, then this book is for you!

Inside you will find:

– a step-by-step approach to writing your book
– how to properly format you book for kindle
– how to publish you book on Amazon, and
– how to market a Kindle book to bestseller status.

You will learn how to choose a topic to write about, how to properly format your manuscript so that it will be viewed properly on a wide range of electronic devices, how to create a cover page, and how to publish your book so that the whole world can buy it. Finally, you will learn how to market your book for maximum exposure, downloads, and sales.

Are you ready to reach your dream of being a published author? Scroll up and download this book and let’s get started…


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