Corn, Cows, and the Apocalypse

| November 1, 2016


A witty tale of a small town girl’s struggle to maintain her hard-earned
mediocrity even after the reckoning.

After the infamous and greatly exaggerated apocalypse takes the souls of
nearly half the world’s population, Lenore is left to figure out life beyond
the banality of her previously humble existence.
However, with the demon-ridden corpses of her former neighbors trying to
kill her, there isn’t much time for self exploration. In fact, the end of
days is just turning out to be a lot of work.
To add to her busy days of running like a ninny, her mentor, August, decides
that it is finally time she learns to defend herself. As futile as that
effort is, August’s brother, Garrett, does make some progress with her.
After months of equivocal abuse and mixed signals, Lenore is no closer to
understanding her place in this new world, and even farther from piecing
together her love life.
A trip to the tournaments in the Big O renews Lenore’s hope for a
reconciliation with Garrett, but it also brings a new man into her life. A
man whose eyes and smile draw her in, even while his touch repulses her.
Lenore finally begins to see her potential as a hero. Unfortunately, it
might be too late to save her friends.


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