When the Tiger Kills

| November 2, 2016


The second book in this series, When the Serpent Strikes, is currently being offered at a sale price of .99 cents for a limited time on Amazon.com. When she was a young girl, Dawn Cimarron lost her entire family in one afternoon of brutal violence. As a result, she has dedicated her life to law enforcement. Now a homicide detective in her hometown of Mountpelier, Colorado, she and her partner, Sergeant Rafe Melbourne, find themselves in a race against time to save a missing girl from a serial killer who seems to be equally obsessed with visions of an ancient goddess and young girls with long, pale blonde hair.

   Meanwhile, the two detectives must juggle the kidnapping investigation with another case, this one involving a young man who was stabbed to death, his body left under a tree. At first it looks like a simple drug deal gone wrong. However, after encounters with the victim’s angry, bitter stepsister and his self-absorbed, histrionic mother, Dawn and Rafe begin to suspect that there is more to this case than meets the eye.
   With the help of Dawn’s husband Ty, a former Air Force major now in charge of the local unit of the Civil Air Patrol, Cimarron and Melbourne work to bring a murderer to justice, even as they pull out all the stops to find the missing girl – before her time runs out.


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