The Art & Science of Aromatherapy: Your Guide for Personal Aromatherapy

| November 2, 2016


The “Art & Science of Aromatherapy, The Abridged Edition” is the layman friendly edition of “The Art, Science & Business of Aromatherapy,” which was originally written for business owners in the cosmetics, soap, personal care and aromatherapy industry. This Abridged Edition takes all the business and professional guidance out while remaining packed with information for the at home user. Presented in a simple and understandable way, “The Art & Science of Aromatherapy” is your complete guide for personal aromatherapy written by in industry insider. Kayla Fioravanti, a certified and registered aromatherapist with years of experience and study, takes you on an informational journey to discover and learn about common and uncommon essential oils alike, making this a must have book for all aromatherapy enthusiasts of any level of experience.


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