Surviving the Soda Struggle

| November 2, 2016


It is no secret that soda pop is addictive and destructive despite being socially acceptable. In fact, soda is one of the most heavily advertised products out there, despite a wide array of damaging properties.

I consider myself to be a soda addict, I have drank at least a liter a day for the majority of the last decade. At the same time, I have also kicked the habit for periods of time, and over time have learned many ways to replace soda.

I can’t offer the magic bullet for soda addiction, but this 54 page, informative book is the best thing out there! Read my story, and learn from my experiences.

Not only do I talk about health issues and why soda is so addictive, but I also talk about my favorite replacements and health tips to help anybody better themselves.

Whether you consider yourself addicted to soda, or just want to cut back a little bit, the tips I give will do wonders for your soda habit, as well as your general well-being.

Reading my story may help you relate, and if you are struggling to get off sodas my book will help you in some way!


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