Christianity (The Deceit)

| November 2, 2016


Challenging the Face of Religion Author Releases Book “Christianity (The Deceit)” Questioning “Is Your Belief the True Spiritual Path?” Religion has shaped this country including the way individuals form opinions towards it. Are the beliefs we have embraced sound practices of someone’s enduring faith?

There are countless deceitful religions masking their true principles, and Christianity (The Deceit) discovers them arming you with the necessary tools, terminology, but most importantly knowledge to detect and defend against deceiving false doctrines that continue to mislead millions. Through this book, the author Claude Roberts helps draw a more open perspective for your disbelief or doubts, creating meaningful understandings by allowing the Bible to speak. Christianity for today’s generation has conformed to a stylish intelligent form entailing fallacy and worldly views thereby failing society leading a fallen world further into an abyss. God’s Word never changes, but we are living in a nation where our inclination obscure that which is objective. Therefore, if it sounds good, eloquence must be true. For this purpose, the “psychological seduction” or “mass manipulation” has led this society into trails of selfish ideals, cupidity including abhorrence of others, not to mention family destruction, world separation, and most concerning is indoctrinated heretical doctrines binding with current trends.

Christianity in many ways no longer have much relevance among millennials and most baby boomers. For this reason, culture calls for a restructured appealing, or otherwise reinvention relevant to it. Because the importance of Scripture has faded, society requires an authentic restoration, so as to not change the message, but instead its medium.


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